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By Lachlan Mosley


February Margin: -22.51 units

2017 Margin: -17.51 units

2016: Margin: +223.80 units


Overview: After an even start to the year netting a soft +5 units in January, February was one to forget. We had too many losing days to remember and even when we did start to work our way back we could not sustain it. We had winners but most of them at a short price. Really disappointing efforts from some Jockeys (as you would have seen) on some of our selections but that’s just a part of the game. Thing have not changed at all in in the way we select and stake our horses, we are just having a rotten run with luck. We will continue to select and stake accordingly. One thing we might try in the next couple of weeks is to limit our outlay on Wednesday and Saturday’s. While we have many possible selections, these are the days where the fields are most even and therefore results can be more unpredictable. At the moment we are just stuck in a slow grind but if you have a look at our stats graph above from 2016 we have the ability to sky rocket our profit from down periods in no time and keep that momentum going for long periods.

We will turn things around.




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