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January Margin: +5.00 Units

2017 Overall: +5.00 Units

2016 Overall: +225.80 units

Overview: Was a difficult end to 2016 and a hard start to 2017 when it comes to selections but we managed to claw our way out of it and still finish the start of the year with a slight profit. From 9/12/16 to 11/1/17 we had a shocking draw down period of -52.5 units. This is the harsh reality of the punting game but, the main thing is we didn’t panic and kept true to our selection tactics and with a change of fortune we climbed back up the profit ladder to a more respectable outcome. From the 12th to the end of the month we managed to salvage back +31.8 units. Obviously we would have liked a much stronger start to the year but we now feel the momentum has swung back our way and there will be plenty more winning days ahead.

As stated in my previous interview with Jaimen Rees, we stay confident with our betting strategy and selections with a main focus on each-way betting and more particular bigger place betting. This strategy has been the reason we had such a strong 2016.

As Autumn racing approaches is gives us plenty of confidence heading into that period as the better horses are coming back into the picture. This makes the form and statistics easier to read plus the horses that race generally show more consistency.


Notable Wins:

  • CAPTAIN LEO $11 (Toowoomba 14th)
  • SHEMAI $9 (Sandown 17th)
  • VALBEATA $8.5 (Tamworth 20th)
  • TIRONE MISS $6 (Kembla 24th)
  • I HAVE A DREAM $6.50 (Murray Bridge 26th)

Please note these are prices that subscribers (after deductions) picked up when selections were sent through. Lots of these horses were backed in to shorter quote

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